Attention everyone! In our project EmoSeniors our Guide on emotional intelligence is ready ! To put it into perspective with population ageing becoming a significant trend in the 21st century, there are more than 90 million people aged 65 and over living in the EU-27, representing over 20% of the total population. As we age, maintaining emotional and mental well-being becomes more critical, which is why we are launching EmoSeniors.
Our project aims to foster emotional development and improve the quality of life for seniors in their final stage, as well as caregivers who play a crucial role in the ageing process. By promoting emotional regulation, empathy, and social skills, we hope to mitigate the negative impacts of social isolation, loneliness, and depression in older people.
We want to help seniors to adapt to the changes generated by ageing and accept it as a stage of adaptive adjustment, rather than a mere psychophysical decline. Through EmoSeniors, the care-givers towards the elderly but the elders themselves can learn how emotions work, how to manage them better, and recognize their needs but also the needs of others. We also aim to reduce the occurrence and duration of negative emotions that may arise.
Visit our Website and download our Guide ! :
Join us in promoting emotional intelligence and mental health among seniors!

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