In our project DISemployability, we’re excited to announce our upcoming training activity for educators and trainers who are interested in developing competences and professional capacities to engage young people with disabilities in educational programs. Here are the key details:
The training will take place in Sassari, Italy, for 7 full days
5 trainers will take part in the activity per each partner country, totaling 30 participants.
The program, delivered through a methodology of Non-Formal Education (NFE), will address the development of knowledge, skills and competences required by an educator engaged in supporting the acquisition of critical thinking skills involving young people with disabilities
The key thematic areas explored in the sessions will include:
-> ice breaking and teambuilding,
-> critical thinking and why it’s important in the workplace,
soft skills,
-> transversal skills, and competencies related to critical thinking, co-design
-> good practices involving people with disabilities,
and more !
The activity aims to provide educators with the necessary tools to empower young people with disabilities to acquire useful skills for integrating themselves into the labor market, also through interaction with non-disabled adult peers.
Follow our project and stay updated of this impactful activity that aims to promote the inclusion and empowerment of young people with disabilities!

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