Kalliopi Stefani

Project Manager

Kalliopi is a graduate of the Department of Political Science and History of the Panteion University. She also holds a Master’s degree in the field of International and European Law and Environmental Governance. She works as a senior project manager at Innovation Frontiers IKE. She is passionate about sustainability and enjoys board games, ice skating, walking in nature and playing with puppies.

Violetta Stavrou

Website Developer

Violetta is a graduate of the Department of Engineering and Computer Systems of TEI PIRAEUS. Her area of specialization is the website software development. Her passion is travelling and fitness. Also, is very interested in the environment and recycling.

Michalis Panoriadis

Project Manager

Michael Panoriadis holds a masters degree in international and European law with a focus on environmental and energy law. His bachelor is in social sciences and in the past he has worked on projects in the public and private sector. He loves sailing, hiking and travelling. Also very interested in technology, sustainability and social causes.

Dimitris Roumeliotis

Project Manager

Dimitris is a graduate from the Informatics and Telematics department of the Harokopeio University of Athens.
He works as a project manager at Innovation Frontiers IKE and is passionate about travelling and getting to know new cultures.
He likes games, ice skating and wakeboarding and is interested in technology and social causes.

Konstantinos Panagos

Project Manager

Konstantinos is a graduate of the University of West Attica with a Bachelor’s degree in Conservation of Works of Art and Antiquities. He has been involved in Performative Arts in collaboration with non-profit organizations, whose goal was to aid children in need. He is passionate about self-actualization, enjoys practicing yoga, playing board games and going out on hikes in nature.