Erasmus+ Project “3D Printing” Update!
Our project meeting in Velenje, Slovenia is completed! Let’s check out together the highlights!
On our first day in Slovenia, we met up in the amazing facilities of our Slovenian partners and had an incredible opportunity to meet the dedicated teachers from our partner schools. Each school shared insights about their institutions and all the wonderful things they will bring to this exciting project!
One highlight of the day was a fascinating presentation by the Slovenian students, where they showcased their 3D printing efforts and results. We learned about their innovative methodology and the step-by-step process behind creating intricate 3D Printed items. Afterward, we were treated to a tour of their outstanding school facilities, which left us in awe. To top it off, our Slovenian partners generously hosted us for a delectable lunch at their sister school of gastronomy, where we savored the delicious flavors of Slovenian cuisine.
On the second day, our partners came together to discuss the roadmap for our project, outlining future activities and milestones. Together, we brainstormed exciting ideas for new and even more ambitious projects that can build upon the success of “3D Printing.”
We’re immensely grateful for the warm hospitality of our Slovenian partners and the valuable insights shared during our meeting. We look forward to more incredible results and collaborations as we continue this remarkable journey. Stay tuned for more updates from the “3D Printing” project!
Euroface Consulting s.r.o. NTCenter Ĺ olski Center Velenje
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