The Museum of Architecture and Design, Slovenia (@MAO Slovenija) is associated partner of
SpominĨica Alzheimer Slovenia.
The MAO is a dynamic institution that functions as a museum and creative hub for architecture and design. It is one of the oldest museums of its kind in Europe – founded in 1972. The MAO organizes exhibitions and holds collections in the fields of 20th and 21st-century architecture, design, and photography. The collections are made up of objects, projects, and documents that have shaped and continue to shape our everyday lives and are a source of inspiration, ideas, concepts, and challenges for many researchers and enthusiasts. Collections are a bank of ideas and provide a collective memory of our recent past. MAO disseminates knowledge in its fields of activity by connecting the present with the past and the future. With interesting exhibitions and a varied program of events aimed at a wide audience, MAO invites all who wish to explore or learn more about how we inhabit our living space, how we organize it, shape it, change it, mark it, and make it our own.

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