One of the main goals of the 3D Printing project is to create a connected digital community of vocational education and training schools and other educational organizations with a common subject of creating printable 3D models.
The 3D Printing project focuses on increasing the technical skills and digital competencies of students in vocational education and training schools through the implementation of new learning processes, namely the use of 3D printing in teaching. The partner organizations found that schools use 3D printers mainly to print to prepared templates, so the project highlighted the need to support vocational schools in using the wide potential of 3D printers, in such a way that students are guided in planning and creating their own 3D projects. This innovative teaching approach helps increase students’ technical capabilities in relation to technological trends and labor market needs.
In the project, we would like to connect the learning activities based on the creation of new 3D projects with the students’ awareness and understanding of the common values of the EU: therefore, vocational education and training students will be given a task on creation of a 3D model of the cultural heritage of the EU.

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