A participant from Greece, Niovi, shares her thoughts about the 2nd Build Green Learning, Teaching and Training Activity in Hungary!
-Which was your favourite part of the training?
“I was really enthusiastic that after the seminars, we got to travel to the countryside and see sustainable ways in action, like those in ecovillage, and we also visited some eco-buildings, so we could have a glance at how sustainability and city life could merge and coexist harmonically.”
-What was one new thing you learned?
“I learned something really simple but also very crucial in my point of view. I learned that if you want to put plants on the roofs, first you have to search for local plants that have all the desired qualities. And that information, I believe has also other implementations on how to make our cities more sustainable and eco friendly.”
Project team: Abrazohouse – experiencias en la naturaleza, KÖVET & Innovation Frontiers

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